Watch: DIY Dragon Mouse Trap From 1590


Watch: DIY Dragon Mouse Trap From 1590

Mice and rats can wreak havoc on stored food, as well as stored seed and grain. This is nothing new; mankind has been fighting them off for as long as we’ve been gathering and storing food. And this is some proof of that; an odd old mouse trap reproduced using plans from a 1590 book on traps.

Dubbed the “dragon mouse trap with a great wire,” this is one mean-looking machine.

The man who makes the videos has a perfect testing ground in his barn; like most barns, it has no shortage of rodents.

The first visitor is a huge rate, which dwarfs the good-sized trap. It foils the machine by reaching over the striker rather than going under it. But when a mouse came along, it definitely did the job.

It’s nice to know that in the absence of mass-manufacturing machinery, we can still make mouse traps to protect our supplies.

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