Baltimore Had Record High Murder Rate In 2017


Baltimore Had Record High Murder Rate In 2017

Baltimore, a city with a lot of gun laws, also has a lot of murders to go along with those laws. To hear gun grabbing liberals talk, Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago should all be a utopia. In reality, they are just the opposite. Baltimore has left its citizens disarmed in face of rising gang violence.

According to BreitBart, Baltimore has:

  • Assault weapons ban.
  • High capacity magazine ban.
  • Handgun purchaser fingerprint requirement.

Yet, those bans and requirements have not stopped the murder rate from climbing.

From the Baltimore Sun – Baltimore has now had 343 homicides in 2017, sets record for killings per capita.

With two fatal shootings Tuesday night, the recent reclassification of a decades-old shooting as a killing and another homicide Wednesday evening, Baltimore has hit 343 homicides in 2017, and a new record for killings per capita.

The homicide rate for 2017 is now 55.8 killings per 100,000 people.

The previous record was 55.35 per 100,000 in 2015.


Even with draconian gun laws and rising murder rates, there is still a call for more gun control.

Baltimore Council President Young to travel to D.C. to lobby Congress for more gun control.

Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young plans to travel to D.C. Tuesday to meet with members of Congress and legislative staffers during a lobby day to advocate for more gun control.

Young said he plans to push for restricting the availability of “bump stocks” — accessories that can turn a semi-automatic weapon into a rapid-firing gun — and other limitations on guns.


Gun control fanatics are like alcoholics. No matter how much gun control destroys communities by disarming law abiding citizens, it is never enough. Just as alcoholics say, “One more drink”, gun control proponents say, “One more law.”

How many cities have to be disarmed and fall victim to gang crime before gun control fanatics stop pushing their anti-gun agenda?

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