French Army HK416F Rifles Deployed with Eotech 552


French Army HK416F Rifles Deployed with Eotech 552

On Armée de Terre (French Army) Facebook post made on January 3rd, 2018, we finally have more details on what optics these new Heckler & Koch rifles are equipped with. It appears they are using Eotech Model 552 Holographic Sight powered by 2 AA batteries. The model 552 has been available for almost a decade, perhaps the French wants something affordable with a proven track record and AA batteries that are easier to find in the field than more specialized Lithium CR123 batteries. After all, the cost does add up quick with 93,000 of these rifles being fielded.

The rifles also have black Tango Down rail covers. They are not the latest and greatest but they certainly do a good enough job to protect the picatinny hand guard rails.

Unlike the USMC M27 which is also based on the HK416, the French HK416F is based on the latest HK416 variant which features complete ambidextrous controls including safety lever, magazine release and bolt lock/release. The HK416F is equipped with unique set of flip up sights, sling mount and a shorter flash hider that is compatible with their rifle grenades.

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