Watch: Basket Fish Trap


Watch: Basket Fish Trap

In this video a young lady uses a plastic basket to catch fish and crabs. She starts off by digging a hole large enough for the basket to fit in, and just a couple of feet from the waters edge.

Next step is to dig three shallow channels going from the water to the basket.

Finally, bait the trap. She baits the trap by putting something in the basket, and on the edge of the trap in the channel. To wrap things up, she washes her hands in the channels, which also adds scent.

At first I was very skeptical if the trap was going to work. What were fish going to do, just swim up the channels and fall into the basket? Well, that is exactly what happened.

After seven hours there were several catfish and some crabs in the basket. The crabs were rather small, but they were in the basket none the less.

In a survival situation, the catfish could have fed a small family. Add some veggies out of the garden, or some rice stored in mylar bags, and you have a meal.

Video is an excellent example of how everyday items can be used in a survival situation. How many people have a small trash basket or bucket around the house? Rather than plastic, what about adding some stainless steel baskets around the house? Stainless would last a lot longer than plastic.  Which could come in handy during a long term collapse of society.

Special thank you to AHA Factory for the excellent video.

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