Bomb Cyclone Explodes Over Northeast


Bomb Cyclone Explodes Over Northeast

2018 starts off with a bang as a winter storm dubbed a “bomb cyclone” explodes over the northeast.  Central and northeast portion of the United States were frozen by a winter storm between Christmas and New years. Then just days after New Years, a winter cyclone that developed in the Atlantic slammed into the Northeast bringing more cold weather.

Before the bomb cyclone made landfall, it was already being compared to Hurricane (Super Storm) Sandy.

Boston is experiencing record flooding, with 15 feet being reported so far.

Thousands of flights have been cancelled.

Boston fire department is having to rescue people from flooded cars.

Some areas reporting up to three inches of snowfall an hour.

After the storm passes, wind chill is supposed to drive temperature into the sub-zeroes.

From The New York Times – ‘Bomb Cyclone’: Snow and Bitter Cold Blast the Northeast.

With 8 to 15 inches of snow already down in New York City and its suburbs, and another few inches still to come in eastern Long Island, the National Weather Service warned of continuing high winds and blowing snow through the night, followed by toe-numbing cold into the weekend. Mayor Bill de Blasio said that with the wind chill, it could feel like minus 20 degrees on Friday and Saturday nights.


In Washington, the National Weather Service said Thursday’s high temperature reached just 27 degrees. Temperatures are not expected to reach the 40s — maybe — until Monday.


Having grown up on the Gulf Coast of Texas, and having been through numerous hurricanes, it blows my mind that people were out in the weather. When a storm like this is approaching the gulf coast states, we get our supplies, get home, and stay home.

Why are there so many people out on the roads when a winter cyclone is making landfall?

Hurricane force winds of 70 miles an hour are wrecking havoc, 15 foot storm surge, streets are iced over, and people are driving around?  Why?

Serious question to the readers, when Hurricane Harvey was wrecking havoc in Houston, was the rest of the nation asleep?

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