Glock 19X Magazine Compatibility Issues


Glock 19X Magazine Compatibility Issues

If there are two things that helped Glock seize a lions share of the handgun market, it is reliability and magazine compatibility. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on magazines every time a new model is released?

Then there is the issue of streamlining magazines with organizations. Whether it is a prepping group, police department, military. When a new Glock model 19 comes out, all the previous model 19 magazines will fit.

That has been true over the decades, but something changed with the Glock 19X. Certain Glock 19 magazines will not fit the 19X. The issue is not the magazine per say, but the Gen 5 base plate and a change in the 19X grip design. The magazine body is exactly the same.

With Glock Gen 5 magazines, the extended base plate will not fit the Glock 19X. This is because the 19X grip has a lip that extends down and in front of the magazine. When using a Gen 5 magazine with the extended base plate, the front of the base plate hits the lip..

Couple of easy solutions:

1. Replace the base plate on the Gen 5 magazines. However, if someone is a member of a group, and other group members are using Gen 5 magazines, are you going to ask the other group members to change out their base plates? As mentioned earlier, one thing that makes Glock attractive to groups is magazine interchangeability.

2. Take a dremel tool and cut the grip extension off. The real issue is the 19X grip is different than other Glock models. So just make it the same as all the other Glocks in your collection.

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