Watch: Magnum Research 45-70 Revolver


Watch: Magnum Research 45-70 Revolver

I was looking through some websites a few days ago. One site said carjackings were going up (not really, but play along with me), and the other site said scientists found a tick trapped in amber. The first thing that comes to mind was scientists are getting closer to cloning a T-Rex.

The two articles got me to thinking. What happens if the T-Rex is raised in a broken family and turned to gang violence?  After all, it is going to be a clone, and there will be no father figure role model. Then the article about the car jacking came to mind. What if scientists clone a T-Rex and it has to do a car jacking to join a gang, and I am the unlucky sucker the T-Rex picks?

Hickok45 must have been thinking the same thing, because he did a video about the Magnum Research 45-70 Revolver. In all honesty, I can not think of anything better to deal with a juvenile car jacking T-Rex than a 45-70 Revolver.

Early in the video there seemed to be an issue with the cylinder. Hickok45 said he may not have pulled the hammer back all the way. Even though the handgun had a glitch early in the video, it worked fine the rest of the time.

I am not exactly sure what niche a revolver chambered in 45-70 fills. Maybe someone who uses a 45-70 rifle and wants to use the same ammo in a revolver?

Special thank you to hickok45 for another excellent video, keep up the great work.

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