Car Tire and PVC Bird Trap


Car Tire and PVC Bird Trap

While a lot of preppers may think hunting, fishing, and farming will supply most of their protein needs, we should not overlook trapping. Trapping is not just setting a live trap, snare, or foothold trap. Traps can be made from a wide variety of items. You just have to figure out what is it going to take to trap certain types of animals.

An example of this is a bird trap video I came across that was labeled as a car tire PVC bird trap. Knowing that a piece of PVC and a car tire are different sizes, my interest was spurred. So exactly how would a PVC car tire trap work?

What the video title did not mention is how a fan shroud was placed on each side of the tire. Then, the PVC pipe was inserted into the hole of the shroud.

Next, a funnel was placed at the opposite end of the PVC pipe from the tire. The funnel looked like it was made from reeds or sticks.

The trap was then baited with what looked like rice.  The birds seemed to enjoy the rice enough that they went down the PVC pipe and into the trap.

Overall, I was happy with how the trap worked. The birds were not injured and could be safely released, or made into a meal. This would save having to butcher chickens or guineas for meat.

How many preppers are storing rice and oats in mylar bags? Would you trade a handful of rice for some fresh meat? I certainly would.

Anyway, what do the readers think of the trap? Is it something you would be interested in building?

Special thank you to SK Daily HD for the excellent video. Keep up the great videos.

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