Watch: Diamond-Encrusted Dragon Knife-Gun


Watch: Diamond-Encrusted Dragon Knife-Gun

Historically speaking, combining a knife and a gun is pretty common. Beyond military bayonets, think about those old single-shot muzzleloading pistols which also had a cutlass built in, which pretty much speaks of desperation in a close-in fight. Someone’s coming at you, you fire your one round and, instead of throwing your now-empty gun down like all those movie morons, you keep on a-fightin’ with your blade.

This particular creation was clearly not made for actual use, though. It’s just too fancy for fighting, but it’s also intriguing mechanically. It was made by the former company Global Research And Development (GRAD) back in the 1990s.

Ian calls it the “most ornate knife-gun you will ever see,” and I’m inclined to believe it. It sports ivory grips which are decorated with gold and 102 diamonds! The damascus blade is also quite attractive.

Inside the handle is a 6-shot 22 rimfire revolver, which would be plenty awkward to shoot and not much fun to load. But hey, it’s a gun and if it shoots, I like it.

According to the Rock Island website, this weird beauty sold for $9200.

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