Watch: A German Armorer’s Tool Kit


Watch: A German Armorer’s Tool Kit

This is cool. It’s an old German WW2-era armorer’s tool kit, which would allow a Waffenmeister (or “weapon master”) to work on German military small arms of the time, including the MG 34 machinegun.

The kit and tools look unused, or nearly so. It’s neat to see the old Mauser-branded tools, including a cute little handheld Mauser vise.

Here’s what Ian says about it, in part:

This is a ‘Kleiner Waffenwerkzeugsatz’ — a small armorer’s tool kit used by a German Waffenmeister. It is a really neat little set of handy and essential tools for working on small arms, which folds up and fits neatly into a standard German WWII ammunition can.

Anyway, this kit is in fantastic shape, and includes pliers, files, handles, calipers, wrenches, scrapers, and a portable vise for holding small parts. Everything you need to fix that shrapnel damage to your MG34!

Great old stuff.

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