Quick hands-on with Eotech’s VUDU 5-25X Scope


Quick hands-on with Eotech’s VUDU 5-25X Scope

In another post I’ll talk about all the 6.5 Creedmoor awesomeness I sampled at Range Day at SHOT 2018, but for now I should make a brief mention of the glass I’d like to try out with those guns: the new Eotech VUDU 5-25X.

At just 29oz, this is a really lightweight, compact scope. The glass looked great, and the one I saw has a Horus reticle. The Horus option will list at about $2400, and the other options will be just north of $2K.

I actually did not get to run it on a gun, I just handled it. I’m going to try to get one in for T&E and do a 6.5 Creedmoor roundup with it, so stay tuned.

There isn’t much out there online about this optic right now that I was able to find, so I’ll post more as I get it from the show floor.

Update: The shot below has a full specs list.


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