Armscor XT22 Magnum Target Pistol


Armscor XT22 Magnum Target Pistol

The long-awaited 22 WMR pistol based on the 1911 frame has finally arrived. A delayed blowback design feeding from 14-round metal magazines, it seems reliable and proved accurate enough for rapid 15-yard “head” shots on steel plates. The crisp trigger and fiber optic front sight helped with the aim, while good bottom-heavy balance made pointing it with one hand or two a snap. XT22 magazine is very easy to load.


Empty, this gun is almost three times heavier than the Kel-tec PMR30. Loaded, it is still twice as heavy for almost the same barrel length and half the capacity. However, it makes up for that in the sheer comfort of shooting, excellent accuracy (matching the impressive PMR30), and high fun factor.  The two pistols fill different niches, with PMR30 being the kit gun and XT22 the target piece.

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