Winkler Knives: Bearded Viking Axe, Shock-proof Choppers, and More


Winkler Knives: Bearded Viking Axe, Shock-proof Choppers, and More

For knife nerds, Daniel Winkler needs no introduction. The custom knifemaker first came to prominence way back in the day when he provided knives for movie Last of the Mohicans. Many years later, DEVGRU operator Mark Owen revealed that he carried a Winkler on his belt the night that he and the rest of Seal Team 6 took out Bin Laden.

Winkler Knives has a number of new offerings both under their own name and as OEMs for other makers. They’re able to make knives in fairly small batches, so folks like martial artist James Williams have turned to them to do custom collaborations.

Speaking of Williams, that amazing bearded axe at the top of this post is made exclusively for him by Winkler knives. I would link up the place where you could buy one if they weren’t sold out, but given that I happen to know there’s a new shipment on the way, I don’t want to give myself any competition in scoring one of these when that page updates with new stock.

Image from Williams Blade Design
Image from Williams Blade Design

This is seriously the coolest hand axe I’ve held in a very long time, and as I was fondling it at the booth it was stopping traffic.

Winkler is also making a Japanese-style knife for Williams, and in one of the photos you can see the Winkler knife that’s available to SIG Legion customers in the same frame.

Below is a line of prototype Winklers that are designed so that if you’re cutting into something that has a live electrical wire running through it, you don’t shock yourself. It’s a canvas micarta handle, wrapped in G10, and it’s as close to full-tang as you can get and still be hidden-tang enough to not get a jolt if the blade or hatchet bites into a line. Right now there’s a big chopper, a ‘hawk, a dagger, and a smaller utility knife all in the prototype phase with this feature.



Next up is a demo tool that I didn’t get a name for, but you can see that it contains a number of features and options, as well as some storage for a small screwdriver bit that can presumably be put into the hole above it and used that way.


Below is a classic Winkler knife with a high-carbon Damascus blade. Check out the detail below.



With the exception of a few specialized tools that need to be stainless, all the knives on display are made of 80crv2. This is a tough, high-carbon steel that’s really popular right now. I’m not quite as enamored of it as I am of CPM3V right now, but it’s an amazing steel and I’d gladly carry it.

Finally, enjoy the shots of the wall of axes, the tactical cleaver, and various tomahawks and knives. They’re giving a 25% show discount with free shipping, but I gotta stay married so I’ll have to spend the next few days not buying any of these. Pray for me, folks.

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