Zenith Firearms SHOT Show 2018


Zenith Firearms SHOT Show 2018

While walking around on SHOT Show Range Day 2018, I happened upon a display for Zenith Firearms. Upon looking at the firearms, the first thing I thought about was the H&K MP5 and SP-89.

For those of you who do not know about the SP89, it was a pistol that that looked a lot like the MP5 and was banned from import in the 1990s. Around 1992 the retail price was around $1,200. After it was banned, prices climbed to the $5,000 mark where they have stabilized.

If you do not have five grand laying around, Zenith firearms has a viable substitute.

A lot has changed since the 1990s. Back then, a pistol arm brace was not even though of. If someone put a shoulder stock on H&K SP89 without a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) permit, they could get into some serious trouble. Today, we have the arm brace.

Zenith Firearms built their firearms to the same specification as the SP89 and MP5. Rather than having to have an SBR tax stamp, the pistols are equipped with an arm brace.

I had the opportunity to fire a couple of the Zenith firearms, and the pistol shot wonderfully.

What niche may fit with a H&K SP89 / MP5 style handgun? I see it as an ideal truck, ATV, or home defense gun. The 30-round magazine provides the benefit of expanded capacity, and the longer barrel provides improved velocity.

Some firearms of the H&K style may have the rail welded to the top of the receiver, but the Zenith line uses a clamp on rail so it can be removed.


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