Bond Arms Bullpup Gets Suppressed


Bond Arms Bullpup Gets Suppressed

Bond Bullpup looks like a natural for covert operations: it’s small, accurate and still has a long barrel for its size. Slow unlocking time of the rotary action also keeps the ejection port pop down. However, until now, nobody knew how to make a suppressor stay on a rotating barrel without loosening, or how to make it cycle with the extra weight. Bond and Thompson Machine figured it out: the suppressor has a collet lock and it free-rotates on ball bearings. That minimizes its interference with the pistol ejection and loading cycle.


Two versions of the suppressor are planned, an extra short variant with wipes and a slightly longer conventional model, both ear safe. I couldn’t weigh them other then by estimating, but I doubt the can was over 4-5 ounces. Combined with the 17.5oz pistol, this would make a fully loaded suppressed package in the 26-27oz range. Especially in combination with the newly developed 185gr expanding hollow point load from Mass Munitions, this should be a very potent yet portable threat-stopper.


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