IWI Drops Two New Tavors at SHOT Show 2018


IWI Drops Two New Tavors at SHOT Show 2018

IWI has a track record with Tavors, and it’s a good one. So it’s no surprise that their booth was swamped as usual this year. I should say “booths,” as both their booth at SHOT Show and Range Day were stacked deep with media people anxious to get a look at the new Tavors. For those of us fortunate enough to be invited to Range Day, the trigger time was not a disappointment.

Many of have eagerly anticipated the launch of the Tavor 7, the first “big” Tavor. Chambered in .308 it combines elements of the original SAR model, some from the X95 and adds it’s own twist as well. Twist the four position adjustable gas regulator from Regular all they way to off for shooting sub sonic .308 while manually cycling the bolt.

Tavor 7

At first glance the front end looks like the Tavor SAR while the backend looks like an X95. But this really is a different beast. The front end sports MLOK mounting slots on the side and a hidden picatinny rail. Converting the gun to a lefty configuration is easily done with a .308 round in the field. Happily, the safety lever is now a 45 degree throw. The Tavor 7 features a hammer forged 1:12 twist 16.5 inch barrel.

In my mind, the most exciting feature differential from prior Tavors is the HK style system for locking your bolt back. You simply pull the charing handle back and rotate slightly up. Slap it down to drop the bolt.

The short stroke piston Tavor 7 MSRP is $2299 and is slated for a first quarter release.


While many expected the Tavor 7, few knew of the TS12 Tavor shotgun. Twelve is the gauge, but 15+1 is the capacity. IWI badges this as a home defense shotgun, but for hog hunters using shotguns this could change the game.

This looks big but weights eight pounds, unloaded. It doesn’t feel heavy. The function is innovative, albeit very different from anything else I’ve used. Your support holds a three tubed rotating magazine. Each tube holds up to five 2.75″ rounds or four 3″ rounds. That nets us either a 15+1 capacity or 12+1 capacity respectively.

loading TS12

Essentially, shooting goes like this: Empty the first tube then manually rotate the magazine to the next. It doesn’t matter which way your rotate, clock wise or counter clockwise. It’s different, and takes a moment to think about the first time you do it, but it feels solid and smooth. Rotating to the next tube automatically chambers a round from the new tube.

Tavor TS12

Like other Tavors, it can be configured for left or right handed shooting but loading can be done from the left or right straight out of the box. Unloading is simple enough and the gun catches each shell for you in the process. The TS12 is gas operated and threaded for Beretta and Benelli chokes.

If you’d like to discover more about Tavor bullpups, follow this link over to SHWAT™, Special Hunting Weapons And Tactics™. They’ve spent a lot of time with IWI Tavors in various calibers and configurations.

shooting TS12

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