Tandemkross’s New 22/45 Grip at SHOT Show


Tandemkross’s New 22/45 Grip at SHOT Show

At the 2018 SHOT Show, I swung by the Tandemkross booth to check out their new Hive Grip for the Ruger MKIV 22/45 pistol. This young company is only six years in, but it’s really going strong in the performance rimfire arena.

Jake Wyman and Bryan Haaker were software developers in New Hampshire who had gun troubles and nobody offered a good solution–until they put their heads together and came up with one. From there, they continued developing products to improve and enhance existing rimfire firearms. They say their mission is “to deliver performance and excellence to existing firearms that are already good, making them great.”

Nothing wrong with that.

Back to the new grip–it felt quite nice to me. I have large hands, so bear that in mind; this is a wide, hand-filling grip. The surface isn’t overly textured, but I didn’t feel that it needed to be. I spoke with company rep Danielle Gagnon, who noted that the “patented impact and vibration dampening material” of which they are made actually feels stickier or tackier when a shooter’s hands are damp. Interesting.

(Image: Tandemkross)
(Image: Tandemkross)

The one-piece grip wraps around the front of the grip frame, leaving the back strap exposed, as expected in a 1911-ish wraparound grip.

The new grip isn’t yet listed on their website, but it probably will be soon. Danielle said the company would focus mainly on the Ruger MKIV in 2018, so expect more goodies as the months slide by.

While you wait, enjoy this little video about the new grip.

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