Colt Custom Shop Competition Pistol at the 2018 SHOT Show


Colt Custom Shop Competition Pistol at the 2018 SHOT Show

Colt released their new Colt Custom Competition Pistol at the 2018 SHOT Show. This newest variant of their 1911 pistol blends features from their Colt Competition Pistol line with elements from the Colt Gold Cup with everything run through the Colt Custom Shop for a true “hand built pistol” experience.

The Colt Custom Competition pistol will be available in .45 ACP, 9mm, and .38 Super. I was able to put a couple magazines through a .45 ACP example at the 2018 Shot Show Industry Day at the Range. While 14 rounds is not enough to do more than get initial impressions of a gun, I was impressed. The gun was smooth to operate, functioned perfectly, and had an excellent trigger.

The pistol is so new that it does not yet appear on the Colt website so, while many specs are similar to the standard Colt Competition Pistol, the exact spec sheet is not yet available.

For more info watch the video from the 2018 SHOT Show.

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