Colt Night Cobra at the 2018 SHOT Show


Colt Night Cobra at the 2018 SHOT Show

Colt returned to the double-action revolver market early in 2017 with their new Colt Cobra. This six shot snub-nose is based on the lockwork used for their now long out-of-production SF-VI/DS-2 revolvers slightly redesigned and upgraded for current production techniques. The Cobra has quickly turned into a popular concealed carry gun for those who want a small frame revolver as a backup or primary and prefer six shots to the five rounds carried in similar sized guns made by other companies.

At the 2018 SHOT Show Colt displayed examples of the first variant of the Cobra since the gun was introduced. The Colt Night Cobra offers enhancements over the base model but at a higher price point. These include a new finish, new grips, night sights, and a double-action only trigger.

I was able to try a Colt Night Cobra at the 2018 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range. The double-action only trigger pull was smooth with some slight stacking. A Colt rep said the DAO trigger should spec out to be between seven and eight pounds and that not only is the hammer bobbed, but the internal single-action notch has been removed.

Caliber: 38 +P
Capacity: 6
Action: Double-action only
Frame: Stainless steel with black DLC coating
Grips: VZ G10
Barrel length: 2″
Overall length: 7.2″
MSRP: $899

In the video a Colt rep goes over the design and features of the new Colt Night Cobra.

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