Lyman Reloading: New Products for 2018


Lyman Reloading: New Products for 2018

When it comes to reloading two brand names usually stand out – Dillon and RCBS. Lyman is usually an after thought, which is a shame because Lyman has been in the reloading business for a very long time.

1989 was when I bought my first reloading equipment. My supervisor at work was big into reloading, and and just got a bunch of gear from a buddy of his. While we were talking I expressed an interest in reloading. He told something along the lines of, “Give me a few days and I will put together a kit for you.” Well, a few days later Bill brought a box of reloading stuff to work. The box included: A Lyman four stage turret press, lube pad, Lyman model 55 charge thrower, set of 9mm RCBS dies, and a few other odds and ends.

I used that Lyman four stage turret press for years. In 2004 I gave it to someone who needed it more than I did.

At SHOT Show 201,8 a Lyman representative was on hand to talk about their new products.

Products on display at SHOT Show:

  • New Lyman charge thrower.
  • Brass Smith Victory Press.
  • Brass Smith Ideal Press.
  • Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press.

The Lyman representative was asked about the eight stage turret press, and why it had eight stages instead of nine. He explain that nine would have been too clunky.

To reload handgun rounds, three-four dies are used.

To reload rifle rounds, two dies are used.

This means the eight stage turret press can hold four different rifle calibers. or two handgun and a single rifle caliber.

The reloading field is pretty competitive. It is nice to see Lyman still making quality products. If someone is looking for a progressive press that can reload hundreds of rounds in an hour, that is not what Lyman is about. Their target audience is hobby reloaders who want to sit down and reload a few dozen, or a few hundred rounds.

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