Watch: Savage Navy Cap & Ball Revolver


Watch: Savage Navy Cap & Ball Revolver

Weighing more than three pounds, this behemoth of a revolver was made by Savage during the Un-Civil War. The finger-lever arrangement was odd, but allowed for rapid fire.

Unfortunately, it’s a .36-caliber gun rather than the more commonly used .44 cal. This and other complications led to this model’s ultimate failure and discontinuance.

The hammer lands on the top of the cylinder rather than clobbering the cap from behind. This is a little less efficient, but at least would have a tendency to direct gases etc away from a shooter’s face.

One plus about this design is that the cylinder moves forward each time to “seal” against the rear of the barrel. This helps prevent chain fires, as well as cutting down on the number of sparks, fire, and lead shavings with which you will shower your neighbor upon firing.

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