Aimpoint to supply Micro T2 to Finnish Defence Force


Aimpoint to supply Micro T2 to Finnish Defence Force

It appears the Micro T2 will replace the older Aimpoint CS optic, originally designed for the Swedish Army that is based on the Comp model red dot back in 2004. The reduced size and weight will be welcoming for the infantrymen.

I had the opportunity to visit Aimpoint in Sweden in November last year and they certainly is one of the highest quality optic manufacturers in the world.


MALMÖ, Sweden. – Aimpoint AB, the leading manufacturer and innovator in red dot sighting technology, has been ordered by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) to supply Aimpoint® Micro T-2 red dot sights including transportation bags for an amount of up to EUR 5.5 million. The red dot sights are supplied by NSPA to the Finnish Defence Forces and will be delivered by the end of 2018.

“We are proud that the Finnish Defence Forces have chosen the Aimpoint® Micro T-2 as a part of their national defence development program Taistelija (Combatant)” says Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint AB and continues; “The Micro T-2 is an extremely reliable sight and we know that the operators currently using that sight are very pleased. Therefore, we know that the Finnish Defence Forces will be satisfied with their choice”.

The Aimpoint® Micro T-2 sights have been in operation with several military organisations worldwide for several years. It is a user-friendly, soldier-tested and combat proven sight that increases the effectiveness of the individual soldier. The attractiveness of the Micro T-2 sight relies on its weight by just over 100 grams combined with extremely ruggedness, and an operational life on a single battery of up to 50,000 hours or 5 years, on continuous use.

Currently, more than 1,500,000 Aimpoint® sights are already in use by military forces around the world. The Finnish Defence Forces chose the Aimpoint products because they will increase the speed and precision of the combatants’ use of weapon as well as the assault rifle’s usability in poor light conditions.
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