FightLite Industries At SHOT Show 2018


FightLite Industries At SHOT Show 2018

Part of being a survivalist is taking everyday events and relating them to prepping. So while I was walking around SHOT Show, I would look at various items, and think how they could relate to my prepping plans. However, when prepping we must take into account our friends and family members.  The question I ask myself is usually, “How would a certain item be used by various family members?”

So out of the firearms I saw at SHOT Show, which one would contribute something worthwhile to my pepping goals?

I feel it had to be the AR-15 replacement stocks from FightLite Industries.

Some of you may be thinking, “Come on Kevin, is that the best you can do?” Hang on a minute guys and I will explain why I liked the FightLite Industries AR-15 stocks.

The most important factor is streamlining the AR-15. Replacing the butt stock with a fixed sporting stock streamlines the AR. In other words, it is one less thing to train for.

Take a typical firearm – 22 bolt action, Ruger 10/22, Remington model 700, pump shotgun, they all have a similar stock. Teach someone to use a Marlin Model 60, and that same grip and shoulder positioning can transfer to a wide range of firearms.

The AR-15 on the other hand uses a military style stock with a pistol grip. Chances are, the AR will also have a collapsible stock. Removing that military stock and replacing it with a commercial styled stock brings the AR inline with just about all the other civilian firearms. This would help streamline training.

A FightLite Industries stock also ensures the stock has the same setting every time someone picks it up.

Let’s say dad is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and his 12 year old daughter is 5 feet tall. With an AR collapsible stock, each person can adjust the stock to their desired length. that is fine and dandy, but adjusting the stock for you, means it may not work for someone else.

Rather than the stock being adjusted for everyone, put a fixed stock on it and be done with the issue. So when someone picks up the rifle, they know what to expect.

This brings the AR inline with just all the other sporting firearms on the market.

Also, removing the collisple, stock means one less thing to train for.

Back in 2016, James over at The Firearm Blog put together a video over to the ARES SCR.  ARES later changed their name to FightLight.

The AR-15 is my “go to” rifle for myself and my family. One reason is because the platform is so flexible. As with the above examples, few firearms can go from military to civilian style simply by changing out some parts.

Maybe the readers can share some of their thoughts?

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