Hurricane Harvey Baby Boom


Hurricane Harvey Baby Boom

What happens when the power goes out for weeks, and people have to stay inside due to bad weather? Chances are nine months later there is going to be a baby boom. It’s what people do, right? No power, bored, stressed. So why not have some fun?

It just so happens, areas along the gulf coast of Texas who were affected by Hurricane Harvey are seeing a baby boom.

KRIS TV out of Corpus Christi posted an article on the topic- Special Report: Hurricane Harvey baby boom.

Dr. Doucet said “We’ve seen a bump of about 70 patients in the past couple of weeks which is kind of a big increase for us, about 80% jump.”

No doubt these moms are excited but they have a lot on their plate.

Underbrink added, “We’re still working on our house so it’s kind of like a nice thing to get something so good, when something so bad is happening.”

70% increase in pregnant women, looks like someone was doing more than reading while the power was out.

This is not uncommon for births to go up after an event. After Hurricane Sandy, there was a 30% increase in the number of pregnancies.

However, short term disasters, such as power outages, have little affect on pregnancy rates. When people are knocked out of their typical routine for several weeks, or several months, that is when the pregnancy rates seem to go up.

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