Preppers: Three Things Used On a Regular Basis


Preppers: Three Things Used On a Regular Basis

Part of prepping (which is not discussed very much) is being able to observe oneself. As someone goes about their daily routine, they may use certain items that could relate to prepping.

If we use certain items on a regular basis, wouldn’t it make sense to buy quality gear? Maybe have a few as backups?

Let’s exclude stuff like coffee makers, vehicles, tooth brush, soap, and shampoo because just about everyone uses those. As the reader goes about their unique daily routine, what items does the reader use that are prepping related? Everyone is going to have a unique answer, as all of us have a unique daily routine.

To kick the discussion off, here are three items I use regularly.


Flashlights are used here on the farm on a daily basis. What makes them unique to my daily routine?  Every night the chicken house is closed up. When being closed, a security check is done on the inside.

A few days ago a small opossum, called possum in the local dialect, had got into the chicken house before the door was closed. The poor thing looked like it was about to start feasting on some eggs in the laying box.

The possum was picked up by its tail, and safely released outside the chicken house. The thing looked so pathetic some hen scratch out put outside the house for it to eat.

This flashlight review shows going out to the chicken house.


Besides my EDC pocket knives, something else kept on the desk is a multitool. Gerber use to be the go-to brand, but now it is Leatherman. For Christmas 2017 my wife bought me a rather cool novelty multi-tool with a small hammer and axe on the head.

The multi-tools are used on a regular basis. Whether it is tinkering with a backpack, cutting something, or using the the pliers, these tools are usually within reach.

Creek Water

We were not supposed to list stuff that everyone may use. and everyone uses water.

It’s not that everyone uses water, it’s how water is used on a farm. Water is used for everything from irrigating the crops, to watering the chickens.

Here in southeast Texas we will sometimes have a drought during the middle of summer. To help the crops grow during the drought, a sump pump is used to pump water from the creek to the crops. When the water tank at the chicken house is filled, a sump pump is used to pump water from the creek to the chicken house.

When the power goes out, water from the creek is used to flush the toilets. Creek water is ran through a Royal Berkey to have safe drinking water.

When the power goes out, it is back to basics with a bucket and water straight from a creek.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is going to have a unique list. Someone who does mechanic work on the side may list their tools. Someone who sews may list their sewing machine.

So what are three items the reader uses on a regular basis that could relate to prepping?


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