Preppers: Gravitating Towards What Makes us Feel Comfortable


Preppers: Gravitating Towards What Makes us Feel Comfortable

Preppers, how often do you get out of your comfort zone? For the sake of discussion, let’s talk about prepping relate activities.

Prepping is a wide open topic with a lot of branches. Someone may be prepping for an all out collapse, someone else may be prepping for a natural disaster. Either way, people are creatures of habit and comfort. We like going to bed around the same time, waking up around the same time, going by the same donut shop for breakfast, seeing the same people, etc.

When we get out of that comfort groove, we may feel our stress level increase. For example, I live in a rural area and hate driving in Houston, Texas. Even the thought of Houston traffic makes my blood pressure go up.

Because we are creatures of habit, we tend to gravitate towards what makes us feel comfortable. This can be a bad thing, because we limit our exposure to experience. We then develop a mindset that our choices are the best ones, so why should we try new stuff?

We start making excuses why we do not to try something new.  I am guilty of this as well – “I do not want to try that because…” We have to get out of that comfort groove and try new stuff.

Maybe one reason why we avoid new things is because people are worried about failing? They are so worried about something not going according to plan, they want to stay with the tried and true.

Have you ever noticed someone who keeps their vehicle polished? There is never a speck of dirt on the outside, and not a speck of dust on the inside. Some of those people are so worried about what others think about them, so they maintain their lives based on the opinions of others.

As preppers, can we afford to not try because someone will think less of us?

Hey Bob, how did that fishing trip go?  Well, I did not catch a single thing. What’s Bob do? He does not go fishing anymore.

Jim, how did that hiking trip go? I got lost for two hours and was ate up by bugs. What’s Jim do? He does not go hiking anymore.

Bill, how did the trip to the gun range go? Glock 17 and Glock 19 did great; no malfunctions at all.  What’s Bill do? He goes back to the gun range, because it gives him a sense of gratification.

What’s Bob and Jim do? They buy Glocks and join Bill at the shooting range.

In the above example, Bill, Jim, and Bob all limit their exposure to new things, in exchange for something that helps them feel good about themselves. Thus they feel comfortable going to the range.

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