Liberal Media Declares War On The NRA


Liberal Media Declares War On The NRA

Liberal anti-gun controlled media has turned up their war on the National Rifle Association, and gun owners in general. Since the school shooting in Pearland, Florida, various companies have pulled discounts for NRA members and/or severed ties with the NRA.

A few examples:

  • Hertz
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • MetLife

There are calls for YouTube and Amazon to ban the NRA channel on their platform.

From Huffington Post – Apple, Amazon, YouTube Urged To Pull NRA TV Channel.

Amazon, Apple, Roku and YouTube are facing increased calls to drop the National Rifle Association’s TV channel from their streaming services, as backlash against the organization grows following a Florida school shooting last week that killed 17 people.

“It’s time for tech leaders to acknowledge their role in helping the NRA spread this dangerous content and cut it out.”

From a petition – Remove NRA TV from Amazon’s Streaming Service & Website.

It’s a 24-hour streaming service with 22 original series that promote the NRA’s propaganda, and there’s even an entire segment devoted to how it should be easier to purchase an AR15.

Amazon needs to remove from their services, sites and offerings immediately. The NRA has long ignored its role in promoting gun violence and betrayed the names of good and responsible gun owners. It’s time to hold them, and their partners, accountable.

Not Just The NRA

We may think this is limited to the National Rifle Association, but its not. The Military Arms Channel on YouTube got another strike against their account. To prevent the channel from being banned, MAC disabled all of their videos, except one.

The YouTube account of Hank Strange has been suspended.

This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

According to a video posted by TheFireArmGuy, Hank received a strike for a video that was several years old. This usually means a group of people are systemically flagging videos.

In December of 2017 the original YouTube account for James Yeager was terminated, but he opened another one.


To listen to the liberal anti-gun establishment, the National Rifle Association is one reason why school shootings happen. A wave of resistance is mounting against the National Rifle Association, and those who voice support for gun rights.

If the media is able to silence the National Rifle Association, who is next? Maybe the Gun Owners of America? Then who’s next, maybe religious organizations?

If an organization can be demonized for standing up for our rights, then hope for the republic is almost lost.

This is not just a gun issue, it is a rights issue, and society is facing a slippery slope.

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