Watch: Top 5 Guns You Never Heard of


Watch: Top 5 Guns You Never Heard of

In this video, Iraqveteran8888 takes a look at some obscure firearms, which most folks have probably never heard of.

A quick rundown:

1) Steyr Model 1918 Pistol

This is a big honking semi-auto pistol which has a magazine in the grip, but it’s built in, so you load the mag using stripper clips. And as you might expect with an oddball gun, it’s chambered for an oddball cartridge: 9mm Steyr.

2) Astra Model 400 Pistol

This odd-looking Spanish-made handgun is chambered in 9mm Largo.

3) Extra-Short Walther P38(ish) Pistol

This small-but-hand-filling handgun was apparently a legit conversion of a Walther P1/P38.

4) Voere/KDF Model 2005 Open-Bolt 22 Rifle

This is a semi-automatic 22 LR rifle which fires from an open bolt like a Thompson or Tommy gun. Definitely a weird one.

5) H&R Model 755 Sahara 22 Rifle

This is a single-shot 22 rimfire rifle which operates sorta-kinda on the same principles as a semi-auto, except that it’s a single shot. Funky…

6) 1907 Remington Semi-Automatic 35 Rem Rifle

Yeah, there are 6 instead of 5. Maybe they’re mathematically challenged?

They keep calling this one a “pre-model 8,” which I suppose is accurate enough, but why bother? That’s like calling an original 1911 a “pre-model 1911A1.” At any rate, it’s a Browning-designed semi-auto, which is always a good thing.


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