Parkland Murderer Didn’t Even Use High-Cap Mags


Parkland Murderer Didn’t Even Use High-Cap Mags

We live in a broken world. One only has to monitor crime reports to learn that much. Another example is the current glut of misinformed humans which insist that banning an inanimate object will somehow produce friendlier people. These folks wish to ban AR15s, along with so-called “high capacity” magazines, and they point to mass murders such as the recent Parkland school murderer in Florida.

But oops! — turns out that misguided criminal didn’t use any high-capacity magazines. According to this National Review article, the largest magazines used by the dead-eyed jerk held just ten rounds.

Yeah, that’s right.

Now, I’ll go right ahead and say that this info means nothing to me. If he had used a bazooka, I would most assuredly NOT support any sort of ban on private bazooka ownership.

But for folks closer to the mainstream, who believe in banning the tools which some sickos use to commit terrible crimes, this information should carry a lot of weight.

Critics of high-capacity magazines have pointed to the shooting as an example of how they enable killing and ought to be banned, but the Parkland shooter used only smaller magazines.

As a side note, it’s also been reported that the 19-year-old murderer’s gun jammed, preventing him from killing more than the 17 people he slew.

His AR-15 reportedly jammed as he attempted to continue his killing spree inside his former school last month. After his gun jammed, the shooter threw it away and successfully blended into a crowd of students trying to escape the building, according to three sources close to the investigation.

Sounds a lot like divine intervention from here.

Moral of the story: Don’t blame the tools used by a madman. Blame the madman.

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