Opinion: President Trump is Setting up the Gun Grabbers


Opinion: President Trump is Setting up the Gun Grabbers

News is going around of President Trump saying various additions can be added to a gun control bill.  Pro-2nd amendment advocates are losing their collective mind over his statements.

The statements are from a video clip which shows President Trump talking about police seizing firearms before going through due process. In that same conversation President Trump is telling people to add whatever they want to the bill. Dianne Feinstein cackles like a witch and starts rubbing her hands together.

What happens to a house of cards as it gets bigger? The more likely it is to fall down. The next gun control bill is being set up like a house of cards. What will cause the bill to collapse? Eventually there will be a question of rights.

The Parkland school murders spurred a witch hunt. Everywhere the gun-grabbers look there are “loopholes” that need to be “fixed:”

  • NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) needs stringent reporting requirements.
  • Age limit for firearm purchases need to be raised.
  • Firearms needs to be seized from violent and mentally ill people.
  • Ban assault style weapons.
  • Ban high capacity magazines.
  • Domestic partners need more protection, just to name a few.

Eventually, so much will be added to the bill that the question of rights will come up. President Trump hinted at this by saying, “Seize the firearms, then go through due process.” That is exactly what gun-grabbers want to hear.

However, avoiding due process should be enough to throw up red flags from civil rights organizations.  If not, it will give pro-gun organizations a reason to challenge the law “if” it is ever passed.

Notice Trump’s body language as he is talking – he folds his arms. This usually means someone is not open to new ideas; that person’s mind is made up, and whatever someone says will not change it.

Trump Slump

Something else President Trump’s words are doing is ending the so-called “Trump Slump.” President Obama was probably the best gun salesperson the world has ever seen. If the gun industry needed a bump in sales, all Obama had to do was mention gun control.

By talking about banning certain types of guns, chances are people will go into panic buying mode.

Looking at GunBroker in the past couple of weeks, the Colt 6920 has gone from $799 to $999. Various online stores are sold out of the Colt 6920.

Why the 6920? It is being used as a widget to judge the AR market, and nothing more.

Final Thoughts

President Trump is saying certain things to bait the gun-grabbers, then something will change as the bill makes its way through congress. There will be some kind of legal issue come up about due process. Later on, President Trump will say something like, “As much as I would like to seize firearms from mentally ill people without due process, the citizens’ rights prevent it.”

Then, in the mid-term elections Republicans can sound tough on crime, and have given the gun grabbers crumbs.

In the 2020 presidential elections, Trump will be able to say, “We tried to pass gun control in 2018, it didn’t work.”

The gun-grabbers will of course blame the NRA and the GOP for not being able to get a real gun control bill passed.

What will truly cause the bill to fail is the blind greed of the gun grabbers. They will see this as their first chance since 2004 to do something on gun control, and they are going to tack everything they can onto the bill. Eventually, main parts of the bill should collapse.

We will have to wait and see how things work out.

In my opinion, though, President Trump has not abandoned gun owners. This is a game which he knows how to play.

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