Opinion: Protesting Against Gun Rights


Opinion: Protesting Against Gun Rights

For the sake of discussion, let’s take the issue of gun rights an apply them to other rights.

Let’s say a suspected killer was found not guilty by a jury. Outrage ensues and people are marching on the streets to have juries restricted. Why would someone protest against their right to have a trial by jury?

A suspect is let out of jail on bail. After the suspect is released, that person kills another victim.  Outrage ensues and people demand the bail system be abolished. The alternative is keeping accused people in jail until they are found not guilty by a panel of judges.

Following various religions, a man spanks his child with a belt. People call it child abuse and demand religion be abolished.

To protect the public from gun crime, only the government and law enforcement are allowed to have guns.

What we are left with is a government who can arrest someone, detain them until trial, which could be years later, religion is abolished, freedom of speech is restricted, and the people have no gun rights.

Sounds a lot of communism if the reader were to ask me. Yet, we have people marching in the streets asking the government to restrict their rights. Why?

If people will protest against one right, what is to prevent them from protesting against other rights? Even the freedom of speech is being attacked by the left. Conversation speakers are called Fascist and are faced with numerous protests.


It would appear our rights are under attack at every corner. Freedom of speech is under attack as it is deemed hate speech. Guns are under attack as they are weapons of mass destruction.  Even religion is under attack as it is labeled as hate speech.

There is a thread in the forum titled “Congratulations Zealots!” which talks about how a newspaper labeled gun rights advocates zealots. If someone who stands up for their rights is a zealot, does that mean someone who wants to take rights away is a moderate?

Rather that protesting, maybe society should ask the question, “Why so many people are willing to give up their rights?” Do the protestors not realize where the road they are on will lead them?

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