Watch: Testing 5 Firewood Chainsaw Gadgets


Watch: Testing 5 Firewood Chainsaw Gadgets

Chainsaws are wonderful things, and I have gotten a lot of use out of them over the years. But they’re not perfect, and there’s a multitude of products out there to improve them or at least to help you when you’re out there cutting firewood with your buzz saw. In this video, CrazyRussianHacker tries out five tools which are supposed to make your life easier when cutting firewood.

  1. Chainsaw Buddy — This thing looks awkward at first, but it seems to do a great job of keeping your bar and chain off of the ground while cutting smaller wood… and there’s not faster way to dull your chain than to touch the ground with it.
  2. Ultimate Firewood Marker — A plastic creation which uses upside-down marking paint to mark a log so you can make every cut the same length.
  3. Jaw Boss — A steel assembly that goes into a receiver hitch on your truck or UTV, to hold logs aloft while you cut them.
  4. Woodcutter’s Helper — a simple magnetic device that makes it easy to cut your firewood to length.
  5. Logosol Smart-Holder — A portable stand for holding logs up off the ground while you cut them.

Not all of these are practical, but we get to see him use each of them in the video.

I like Woodcutter’s Helper the best, and Smart-Holder the least. Check it out and see what you think. If I did more wood cutting, I would definitely look into buying some of these things.

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