Two Great No-Spin Knife-Throwing Tutorials


Two Great No-Spin Knife-Throwing Tutorials

There’s something about throwing accurately that fascinates, especially when the object being thrown is potentially deadly. In this video, Adam Celadin gives instruction on various methods of throwing knives without spinning them, and man, is he good. No wonder he’s a world champion.

He goes over a number of different grips, throwing methods, and stances, and perhaps more importantly, he advises students to just try different ones until they find something that works. And one of the best parts is when he demonstrates the results of releasing a knife too soon or too late. This knowledge should help beginners, because knowing what you’re doing wrong is just about the only way you can improve.

Seems to me, it takes pretty good control for a pro to be able to demonstrate, at will, such mistakes as this.

No-spin is really beautiful and complex technique.

Now I want to go outside and throw sharp stuff!

He includes a link to an hour-long video that goes into much more detail, which I’ll embed down below.

In this next one, the intro is short and to the point (no pun intended,) and he ends it with a casual toss at a target, which of course stabs deeply into the wooden slab. Again, it’s a long one; here’s an “index” from the description:

1:15 Grip
2:35 Slide technic
5:36 Release
8:04 Adjustment
9:51 How to throw
15:36 Adjustment
17:40 Mechanic tips
23:38 One technic for any distance
24:18 Power
26:59 Indexfinger
30:01 Fedin grip
34:47 Finnish grip
40:28 Grips compared
42:25 Mechanics
45:47 Mechanics
51:33 Example throws with Fedin and finnish grip
52:53 Skanf technic
54:00 Knives
58:06 Ending


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