Opinion: Austin Bombings and Domestic Terrorism


Opinion: Austin Bombings and Domestic Terrorism

Unless someone has been sleeping under a rock, it should be common knowledge a domestic terrorist is bombing Austin, Texas. Regardless of the motive, the bombings struck fear into the people of Austin. Thus, the bombings are the act of a terrorism.

Things like this are not supposed to happen here, right? We are supposed to go about our daily lives with a sense of peace and security. Bombings happen over there in far away places, but not here.

We are also supposed to be a nation of law abiding citizens, and those laws are supposed to keep us safe. So what happens when someone disregards the law with utter contempt?  Chances are the general public will change their behavior.

For example, we may no longer trust those we not know. We may no longer say hello to someone we make eye contact with. The head nod and good morning are replaced with suspicion and mistrust. In essence, the fabric of a civilized society starts to unravel.

The public cries out for peace and quiet to be restored. Who answers the call? The very people some condemn for violence and excessive force: the police. When others worry about where the bomber will strike next, law enforcement is working to keep the public safe.

There is a lot to learn from the Austin bombings, and some of the lessons are not very pleasant.

For one, there is the randomness of the bombings. The first targets seemed to be families. Then a bomb went off in a shipping facility, then a Goodwill store. Overall, things seemed to go from bad to worse.

Austin police asked the bomber to turn himself (or herself) in. This should have told the general public law enforcement were grasping at straws. The appeal in no way boosted the confidence of the general public.

Then there is the issue of how someone is able to make, then deliver a bomb, and not get caught.  Why aren’t bomb detecting devices installed in shipping facilities? Maybe companies should address this issue?

The biggest question is why? Why take the lives of innocent people?

The next question, “Why would someone want to throw their life away?” Eventually the bomber will be caught. They will either be killed in the process of being arrested, kill himself, or they will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Why can’t certain people live in peace with each other?



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