Watch: Two Montenegrin Gasser Revolvers


Watch: Two Montenegrin Gasser Revolvers

In the video below, Ian takes a look at two Gasser revolvers, which are quite large and which feature ornately-decorated grips which are, let’s just say, “non-ergonomic.”

Here’s the description from the auction page, where they sold for $2,185:

Both of these revolvers have elaborate silver, coral, and stone ornamented grips and appear to be Model 1870 Gasser revolvers. Gun A also has engraving designs that appear to be accented by niello work. A small tin that matches the grips is also included as is a document concerning their provenance which indicates they were acquired in the 1960s by a CIA agent and antiques collector stationed in Yugoslavia who traveled throughout Europe and Turkey. King Nicholas of Montenegro (r. 1910-1918) decreed that all men in the country should own a Gasser revolver for militia service.

Designed in 1869, they were sorta-kinda the Dirty Harry guns of their day. Big, impressive, and pretty much 44 caliber.


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