As YouTube Purges Gun Videos, Shooters Move to… Pornhub??


As YouTube Purges Gun Videos, Shooters Move to… Pornhub??

As online video giant YouTube continues to delete more and more gun-related content, it’s only natural that makers of gun videos would seek a new place to park their content for the world to enjoy, but this is nuts. At least one gun channel, InRangeTV, has officially created a new channel on Pornhub.

Yeah, that’s right. Perhaps no gun video will ever be safe for work again.

We first heard it on this reddit post, which touts the smut bucket as having “a massive content delivery network for rather obvious reasons” and notes that “the company hosting probably 95% of streaming porn to the WWW in all sorts of fetishes would [hopefully] have a hard line on free speech/censorship.”


As I see it, this cannot be a smart move. I mean, YouTube is essentially saying gun videos are socially unacceptable and boorish. We know that’s not true, but hosting our videos on a pornography site is pretty much an admission that yeah, guns are low-brow stuff that should only be viewed in the dark.

Are there no other alternatives out there? Why hasn’t anyone created a truly American video hosting service, which stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, sans pornography?

Anyhow, I just see this as a bad move for anyone legit who decides to move their stuff to PH. What do you think?

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