Opinion: Gun Control Is Not About Peace


Opinion: Gun Control Is Not About Peace

History has proven time and time again those who promote gun control are not interested in peace. The types of control they want start with guns and speech. We are seeing attacks on the freedom of speech and our right to keep and bear arms.

How is our right to speech being attacked?

One example is when conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos went to speak at Berkley, there were riots which turned violent. We should all be worried about when speech incites a violent reaction. What kind of society are we fostering when young people are so intolerant they can not open their minds and ears to new ideas?

Students were so enraged by a different idea, their protest turn violent. Keep in mind, those students are our future leaders.

Sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Google have been accused of purging conservatives.

What has history taught us about gun control?

When it comes to the right to keep and bear arms, we are seeing an all out attack. For example, YouTube may have demonetized a video for a handgun even appearing in it. YouTube changed in firearm policy and has prohibited various types of gun videos.

Florida passed a law raising the minimum age to buy a firearm to 21 years old, and gun control proponents applauded. There is something wrong when a free society applauds as rights are restricted.

Once total control is established, the people have no means to protect themselves from the government. From there, various groups are persecuted.

Let’s go ahead and throw out examples of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, China, and numerous others. In all, over 100 million people have been murdered after they gave up their rights.


Once the right to keep and bear arms has been abolished, the right to free speech and free press will not be far behind.

We will be left with a totalitarian government where wrong-thought is not tolerated.

The reader may think speech should be protected in the modern world? Take a look a the direction Britain has gone. Make a disparaging comment about a group of people, and you maybe sent to prison.

British Police Just Imprisoned A Man For Posting Mean Things About Muslims On Facebook.

A man who posted what authorities deemed “hateful” things about Muslims on Facebook is facing eight counts more than a year in prison in Sussex, a coastal county in southeast England, United Kingdom.

Does this remind the reader of anything? Maybe Communism, Socialism or Fascism?

People who promote gun control have one thing in mind, and that is total control. This means total control of your thoughts, your speech, and even the way you vote.

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