London Murders Exceed Those of New York


London Murders Exceed Those of New York

Imagine if you would, a liberal utopia where firearms are heavily regulated. The government is so desperate to portray a society of peace, even the police are disarmed.

Then, something goes wrong as knife crimes go up. The solution? Regulate knives. Restrictions are put on knives, and the public is encouraged to hand in illegal knives.

The result? Knife crime continues to go up. Crime is so out of control, murder rates go up 40% in just three years.

From The Daily Mail – No end to the bloodshed.

The arrested men have been taken into custody at an east London police station.

It comes as the past two months of bloodshed in London has seen the city overtake New York’s murder rate, official police figures show, as Scotland Yard battles a 38 per cent surge in killings since 2014.

Fifteen people were killed in London in February, compared to 14 in New York.

And the trend looks set to continue, with 22 killings in London in March – one more than the city on the other side of the Atlantic, where urban violence has long been prevalent.


Typical predator and prey situation. Regardless of the laws, there will always be people who prey on others. Even if we go back thousands of years, human remains show brutal murders.

Person-on-person crime is nothing new. However, how we handle the crime is new. People use to be able to defend themselves by whatever means possible. Thousands of years ago this meant picking up stick, rock, whatever was at hand. Today, is means concealed carrying a handgun.

Disarming the prey only enables the predator. It seems merry olde England is having a difficult time figuring that out.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. Will England continue to disarm law abiding citizens? Then again, subjects are not usually allowed to have arms. The right to keep and bear arms is the territory of a free people.

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