Opinion: The Mass Shooting that Wasn’t


Opinion: The Mass Shooting that Wasn’t

Let’s be brutally honest, when news broke of a shooting at YouTube, most of us envisioned a white male armed with an AR-15 and slews of peeple dead. We knew the liberal news media would use the shooting as yet another launching platform to promote gun control.

Back Story: On April 3rd, 2018 an Iranian animal rights activist who was upset about YouTube policies walked into YouTube offices and opened fire. As of April 4th, only the shooter is dead. Hopefully, the injured will make a speedy recovery.

Then the story changed and news came out saying the shooter was a woman. Many people jumped to a conclusion this was a crime of passion. The shooter was probably a jilted wife or girlfriend who had been cheated on.

Then the story changed yet again. The shooter was an immigrant, animal rights vegan, who was upset about YouTube’s monetization policy. In short, the shooter did not fit any of the expected stereotypes.

The liberal news media reacted as expected: they are quietly dropping the story.

Anyone care to guess what the lead article on the Huffington Post is the day after a shooting spree by a woman? The good ol’ liberal Huff Post lead article is something about President Trump. If an AR-15 had been used, history says the lead article would have called for gun bans. Yet, when the shooter is an animal rights vegan immigrant, the story is barely mentioned.

MSNBC, same thing. Top story is President Trump, while YouTube shooting has been pushed down the page.

Salon posted an article talking about how YouTube employees responded to the shooting, with very little information provided about the shooter.


This shows liberal news agencies are only interested in gun control when the shooter was an angry white man with an AR-15. For example, how often will mainstream media talk about gang related murders?  How many marches have been organized for gang ridden Chicago?

Shootings happen almost everyday in Chicago, yet there are no Marches on Washington D.C. to end gang related violence.

Why aren’t gun control proponents organizing marches in Chicago to stop gang violence? Because the types of crimes mainstream media wants to focus on are those committed with an AR-15.

It would appear if a shooting did not involve an AR-15, the story is not worth reporting. Thus, there are no mass shootings unless an AR-15 is involved.

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