Pocket Pistols: 25 ACP vs 22 LR


Pocket Pistols: 25 ACP vs 22 LR

I would love to have a 45 ACP on hand if I ever need to fire a handgun in self-defense, but the fact is that some guns are just too big for practical carry in all situations. And as Harrell states in the video, sometimes you need a really little gun.

Both the 22 LR and 25 ACP are scrawny little things, and itsy-bitsy pistols can be had to fire them. But which of the two is better for defense? That’s what he’s showing us in this (admittedly low-res) video.

25 ACP velocities at 7 yards: 725, 727, 718, 730 (50 grain FMJ)

22 LR velocities at 7 yards: 860, 840, 850, 850 (36 grain HP)

Someone would assume this makes the 22 automatically more suitable, but that would ignore the matter of bullet weight; 50-grain FMJ in the 25 vs 36-grain HP.

25 ACP velocities at 7 yards: 865, 866, 875, 855 (35 grain JHP)

After demonstrating this, he concludes “the difference between the two isn’t even worth talking about.”

Further demonstration shows that little pistols in either caliber will allow a good shooter to make accurate shots at 10 yards.

Something most of us don’t know is that the Gun Control Act of 1968 (thanks, government) made it tough for little 25s like these to be imported/manufactured.

He winds up by talking ahout two great advantages of the 22, and two great advantages of the 25. The choice, as they say, is up to you.


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