Review: The Henry U.S. Survival Rifle & Pack


Review: The Henry U.S. Survival Rifle & Pack

There are perils enough in life that some people find themselves in a real survival situation. Though this particular rifle/survival pack would be handy to have on hand for preppers and survivalists in preparation waiting, there are many proactive lifestyles that might actually activate this kit to get out of a life threatening situation.

Think of over-the-road drivers crossing highways in the hinterlands of America, Montana, Dakotas, and even the desert areas when a breakdown could happen at any time. And what about bush pilots flying over lost wilderness, rural mail carriers, isolated utility workers, and many others who could find comfort in having a complete survival rifle pack on hand or in the vehicle.

Most gun enthusiasts and shooters know the Henry name from their line of .22 rimfire rifles, and lever action centerfire rifles. Henry just announced their packaged kit to be marketed as the Henry U.S. Survival Pack with the moniker of “Don’t leave civilization without one.” Good advice.

The idea behind the “pack” concept should be obvious. A pack-kit is supposed to have narrowed an essential selection of goods and gear to get a person by in a pinch. Preppers often refer to “kits” in a variety of ways to describe collections of supplies and gear to promote survival. The Henry pack serves the same purpose. Their idea also includes the “grab and go” concept.

Henry’s pack is very concise. It contains essential gear for a number of survival scenarios, but the design is an attempt to keep it well within a minimalist realm. That means no unnecessary junk one cannot actually use. I think Henry thought this pack through very well, but consumers need to know its intent was not to supply everything needed for a survival scenario.

First, the Henry pack includes a U.S. Survival AR-7 rifle. This is a semi-auto, .22 rimfire rifle of take down design. The barrel is removal from the action/frame for easy storage. The components fit inside the buttstock component which seals from the elements and it floats. The rifle comes with one 8-round magazine.

Also included in the pack-kit is a carry bag, 100 foot of para-cord, a SWAT tourniquet, a Mylar space blanket, an ESEE fire steel, a Life Straw water filter, vacuum sealed food bars, and a Buck folding knife. That’s nine items total. Suggested retail for the Henry kit is $550. This could be just enough to get you out of a short term jam.

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