Preppers: Spring Is For Fishing Gear


Preppers: Spring Is For Fishing Gear

Spring is in full swing, and a lot of people are heading out on the water to do some fishing. Retail stores are also stocked full of fishing gear. In other words, this an excellent time to stockpile fishing gear.

However, what kind of gear should we stockpile? That depends on where the prepper lives and what kind of fish are the geographical location.

For example, here in Southeast Texas most of the fishing is for Perch, Bass and Catfish. Other parts of the nation may be Trout, Salmon, and Walleye.

Since I can not speak for others, let’s use my fishing gear stockpile as an example. I stockpile everything needed for the three types of game fish for my area.  Sometimes the occasional Bowfin will get on a trotline or jugline.

Fishing yo-yos are prohibited in Texas, so they are not even considered.

Some of my fishing gear stockpile:

  • Lures – for Perch and Bass.
  • Artificial worms for Bass fishing.
  • Several spools of trotline string – for making trotlines and catching Catfish.
  • Fishing poles.
  • Homemade noodles.
  • Numerous hooks for Perch, Bass and Catfish, including circle hooks.
  • Numerous weights for a wide range of fishing.
  • Spools of monofilament line ranging from 8 – 30 pound test.

In the tackle box is a range of lures, and inside the box are several small organization boxes containing various types of fishing gear. While out fishing in a nearby river, it takes just a few minutes to go from artificial worms for bass fishing to perch fishing, or even cat fishing.

Fishing Gear

For tens of thousands of years humanity has caught fish. Scientist claim the oldest fishhooks were found in Japan and date to around 23,000 years ago. Maybe we should pay attention to the way our ancestors lived and prep using their examples.

Fishing should be part of a well rounded survival plan. Such a plan would provide multiple food sources, including fishing, hunting, farming and gardening.

When the reader gets some free time, maybe go through the fishing gear inventory, and see if anything is missing. While you at it, maybe take the kids or grandkids fishing.


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