Texan Bill Poor’s World-Record 3-Mile Shot


Texan Bill Poor’s World-Record 3-Mile Shot

The Tribunist Daily reported that a new long-distance rifle marksmanship world record was set earlier this year, when Bill Poor’s 8th shot hit a one-MOA target at a whopping three miles, or 5280 yards! This greatly outdoes the previous record, which was set last year:

The previous record was 2.84 miles (or 5,000 yards) was set by retired Navy SEAL Charles Melton in 2017 after firing thirty-eight shots.

The cartridge used in both records was the 408 CheyTac. Check out the angle of his scope in relation to the rifle!


The rifle was reportedly modified by Vestal’s Custom Rifles.

From the article:

A lot goes into shots like this. Poor has to account for many variables that can alter the bullet’s path INCLUDING the shape of the Earth! Which curves 6 feet over 3 miles.

“We call it dope — how much elevation you have to put in your scope to be able to see that far,” Poor said. “Getting a clear view is almost impossible.”

Temperatures in the mid-50s also complicated the shot. Because cold air is heavier, it causes a bullet to drop more than warm air would. To compensate, Poor aimed well above the horizon, adjusting his aim after each shot with the help of two spotters.

“It’s a 14-second flight time,” Poor said. “It’s 10 seconds before the spotter downrange can hear the boom of the rifle going off, and another four before the bullet hits the target. You have that much time and you’re thinking ‘This is it.’”

Apparently, Melton’s not one to rest on his laurels and is planning to try a 6,000-yard shot in the near future.

The video below was posted by Bill Poor, and unfortunately it’s a bit choppy and short.

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