Significant Gun Restrictions Signed into Law By Unlikely Source


Significant Gun Restrictions Signed into Law By Unlikely Source

According to MSN on Wednesday, Republican Gov. Phil Scott raised the age to buy firearms, banned high-capacity magazines and made it easier to take guns from people who pose a threat–the first significant gun ownership restrictions in state history.

The governor said:

This is not the time to do what’s easy, it’s time to do what’s right.

Scott apparently urged for stricter legislation after a failed attempt at a school shooting in Fair Haven, VT just one day after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting that left 17 students and teachers dead.

Surprisingly enough, Democratic State Sen. John Rodgers, who represents a rural area of the state known as the Northeast Kingdom and spoke fiercely against some of the gun restrictions is considering a run for governor and said:

It will affect law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to stop evil people and criminals from doing harm to others.

Gun rights advocates in the state were seen wearing orange vests and caps, typically worn for hunting, to show their support.

In addition to raising the legal age for buying a firearm from 18 to 21, the legislation also requires background checks on most private sales, restricting magazine capacities, and banning/preventing gun ownership from those deemed dangerous or that could harm themselves or others.

Other States’ Legislation

The signing comes on the heels of a rejection by Louisiana lawmakers just yesterday to SB274 which would raise the firearm buying age. The law failed to pass, gaining just 9 votes for and 26 votes against.

On March 9, 2018 Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a similar bill into law, prohibiting anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing an “assault weapon”.

Sweeping legislation regarding firearms has been on the rise since the shooting in February in Parkland, Florida which left 17 people dead.

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