Why Syria Should Change Your Prepping Plans


Why Syria Should Change Your Prepping Plans

Over the past few days there have been some situations in Syria which have been quit worrisome.

One is how quickly the situation escalated. One day President Trump was talking about pulling troops from Syria, and the next day he was talking about bombing Syria. Then there was President Putin who was saying something along the lines of, “Oh no your not going to bomb Syria.” President Trump was like, “Oh yes we are, get ready for the bombs.”

Second issue was how quickly the United Nations ground to a halt. The United States proposed a resolution for inspectors to go to Syria, but Russia vetoed it. Then Russia proposed a resolution, but that resolution did not get enough votes.

China was over there like, “Look guys, this is none of my business, so I am abstaining from voting on the resolutions.”

United Nations

Hopefully, humanity had learned our lessons from the failed League of Nations, and those shortcomings would be fixed with the United Nations. After World War II and the forming of the United Nations, nations were “supposed” to work together to find peaceful resolutions. However, it seemed with Syria those safeguards were quickly disregarded.

With the founding of the United Nations people were promised a certain peace of mind. This peace of mind was through a promise nations would work together. By not agreeing on a resolution to the Syrian gas attacks, the U.N. broke a promise made to the people of the world.

With Syria, the world has been reminded what happens when superpowers disagree. All they have to do is veto U.N. resolutions. Thus, the effectiveness of the United Nations is ground to a halt.

No Independent Evidence of Chemical Weapons

When the news broke of civilians in Syria being gassed with chemical weapons, people were outraged. Then speculation started. Why would Assad use chemical weapons on civilians and risk international outrage?

As of when this article was written, no independent investigation has been agreed upon. As such, there has been no investigation into the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Syria.

In short, the United States and Russia are having a face off, and the world is on edge, because of an unconfirmed chemical attack on civilians.

Prepping Plans

How does all of this affect prepping?

With the United Nations in place, the public is supposed to have an opportunity to hear grievances between nations before hostilities breaks out. With this knowledge, people can decide if they want to change their prepping plans.

For example, let’s say the United States is going to enter a conflict. As a result, the military may need more ammunition. This means manufacturers would shift production to military needs, which means less ammo for the civilian market. Less ammo usually means higher prices. To beat the price hike and possible shortages, a prepper may order several cases of 223/5.56mm before the United States military enters said conflict.

With the escalation of tensions over Syria, there was no warning. Things happened so fast there was no time to make an educated decision with evidence in hand. If a pepper were to make a decision to buy certain items, the decisions would be based on speculation.

Slight Change in Course

Some preppers are reactionary. They feel they can stay on top of the news, then buy their supplies right before disaster strikes. This may work with hurricanes, but with Syria we had almost no notice.

Worse case situation, those reactionary preppers rush to the store to buy stuff, and the shelves are empty.

If someone reading this is a reactionary prepper, maybe rather than reacting to certain events, let’s maintain a minimum level of preps.

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