Watch: Using a Car as Cover From Gunfire


Watch: Using a Car as Cover From Gunfire

So the proverbial poo-poo is hitting the fan, and shots are being fired. Instead of standing there in shock, find some cover! Which brings us to a few questions, which Paul Harrell asks in this video:

Should you use a car as cover in a gunfight? (Paul says: Not if you have any viable alternative.)

If car doors can’t reliably stop most rifle bullets, what projectiles can they stop?

And finally, are some parts of the car more bullet-resistant than others?

And so, he delves in by shooting some cars. Mwahahaha!

Guns used include Colt 1911 45 ACP, Beretta 92FX 9mm, Ruger Mark III 22 LR, Remington 870 12 gauge, Sig P229 40 S&W, and Colt AR15.

Some results may surprise you. Others, probably not.

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