President George W. Bush CZ 550 Rifle .308Win *World Exclusive*


President George W. Bush CZ 550 Rifle .308Win *World Exclusive*

When President George W Bush visited Czech Republic during his presidency in 2008, then Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek requested CZ (Ceska Zbroiovka) to produce a special rifle as a gift for the American President.

The result is an extremely rare rifle based on the CZ 550, with over 200 hours of engraving work by their in-house master engraver Mr. Rene Ondra. With diamond studded, damascus bolt handle and the engraving:

“To the President of the USA George W. Bush
On behalf of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Mirek Topolanek”

And a gold inlay on the barrel that says “Model President 2 of 3” stating that a total of 3 of these rifles were produced.

Photos of this rifle has never been seen by the public for over 10 years, until now.

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