72 Hours of Shortsightedness


72 Hours of Shortsightedness

Just ask the survivors of the hurricanes in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico if 72 hours of supplies was enough to carry them through? That was for the ones that were prudent enough to stock up ahead of time. Most of them did not.

Months later scenes from Puerto Rico alone continue to show the devastation. Many areas still do not have electrical power restored. Supply lines have been sporadic and weak at best. There are still shortages of bottled water and basic food supplies.

Had you even prepared well ahead of the approaching storms, three days of supplies of any kind would have been short lived. In Houston the shelves emptied fast. Fresh food was gone virtually overnight. Then the shelves were cleaned of canned goods and other foods useful for a few days of survival.

Many people, families could not evacuate because vital travel routes were blocked by downed trees, other debris or just flooded with water or traffic. At least in Houston and Florida government assistance came pretty quickly. Other areas were not so fortunate. It is a response that preppers should never rely upon.

Now, to be fair to the current population of dedicated preppers, we have been advised, told and told again to have at least three days of emergency supplies on hand at all times. Even the emergency response and advice page at the FEMA web site still advises to have 72 hours of supplies to carry you over during a SHTF event. That is now on the drawing board for a re-think.

Many sources of prepper planning counseling offering recommendations are now suggesting to increase the standard 3-day supply to a minimum of 6 days, or more. As per usual, the main ingredients should be water, water, and more water. Next, enough simple to fix or eat foods that you can get by on for a week or more. Do not negate the need for medical supplies and mandatory medications. As always, plan for bug in or out security to protect yourself and family.

We are fortunate to live in America. Regardless of the SHTF or emergency situation, the government or private non-profit aid services will eventually get to you with essential supplies and help. Even so, you have to be prudent to accept the personal responsibility for your own care and survival sustenance until help arrives. Today that means at least six days of emergency supplies.

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