One to Watch: Massdrop Delica and Endura


One to Watch: Massdrop Delica and Endura

Spyderco’s line up has always had two key ingredients–evergreen designs and sprint runs of those designs with new and exotic steel. Of the evergreen line, few knives are more iconically Spyderco designs than the Delica and Endura. Over the years we have been treated to all sorts of variants–high end anniversary versions, stainless steel handled versions, versions with exotic steel like Super Blue, HAP40 and ZDP-189. Familiarity and variation are key to Spyderco’s success.

Among the many sprint runs of the Delica and Endura, many have featured niche application Japanese steel (the Delica and Endura are made by Japanese OEMs). This is important because Japan has strict rules limiting or outright barring the export of certain steels. So, for many folks, the only way to get a knife with these steels is through a Spyderco sprint run. Super Blue is a very limited production Japanese steel that uses the same vaunted iron sands that made the samurai swords of old such legends of performance. HAP40 is a high wear tool steel that Hitachi made for industrial settings. Adapting it to a folding knife was something only Spyderco would do. And now Spyderco adds a new steel to the line up–SG2.


Unlike some of these sprint steels, there are other knives and other companies using SG2, somethings called Super Gold or SGPS (Super Gold Powder Steel). SG2 can be found on a number of knives in the Fallkniven line up including one of my favorite designs, the Fallkniven U2. This steel gets exceptionally hard, around 64 HRc, but it allows for relatively easy sharpening (don’t kid yourself, its not 1.4116 like on SAK, but for steel that hard it is okay on the stones). The steel also does better with discoloration than stuff like ZDP-189. Overall, SG2 despite being quite rare on production knives (and unheard of on customs) is a fantastic choice for an all-around general use knife like either the Delica or Endura.

These knives are a Massdrop exclusive and I hope the beginning to a new trend of sprint runs done just for Massdrop. In addition to the exotic steel, these two knives have a gold lockbar spin, giving them both a bit of visual interest and a clever visual pun for the steel. Given the proven form factor, superior steel, and exclusivity, I can’t imagine this drop failing to sell out. And if it does well, hopefully we will see more of this–I’d love a micarta handled Dragonfly in 20CV. Please?

Important Info

  • What: Spyderco Delica and Endura in SG2 steel
  • Cost: TDB
  • Where: Massdrop
  • When: Drop Pending
  • Made in the USA: No, made in Japan
  • Highlight: SG2 steel, splashy gold lockbar in familiar designs


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