Watch: Tomahawks as Weapons


Watch: Tomahawks as Weapons

Paul Harrell opens this video by talking about some “TV shows where people are prepping for doomsday,” and I really got a kick out of this:

There’s a guy on there that had his buckskins on, and he supposed to be some sort of kung-fu mountain man, showing you how to use a tomahawk as a weapon.”

My next laugh came after he’d thrown and stuck five tomahawks into a log.

Now I’m just just your average spaz. I’ve actually won a lot of competitions for tomahawk and knife throwing.

It’s always nice to know you’re not listening to an average spaz.

His final conclusion?

A tomahawk is a formidable weapon. Throwing it, that’s a parlor trick. Because what happens when you throw a tomahawk at somebody, then you don’t have a weapon because you threw it away, and now he’s got two: the gun he brought, and the tomahawk you just gave him.

Nothing like a little practical wisdom.

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